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Red apples are so sickly sweet, don’t you think?

I’m not sorry but she looks like she’s talking about sex.

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Conan: Okay show me what to do! (how to take a shot)
Angie: Okay really? I mean what did you go to Harvard or something?




im laughing so hard at his face in the second one


Rizzles Countdown - Wednesday April 23th


Rizzles Countdown - Wednesday April 23th

The Pontis @ 2014 Tribeca Film Festival [x]

If Swens wanted to make a documentary about representation then why didn't they use CANON gay couples? Why didn't they use a broad spectrum of films and tv? Why did they solely focus on a crack!ship whose show isn't even famous? This was never about representation, it was about forcing the writers to make their ship canon.




Because sitting behind a computer screen spewing hate over something you know nothing about is A+ behaviour.

Because WE WILL BE using CANON ships. We’re including ALL ships. We WILL have a broader spectrum of films and telly. OUAT and Swan Queen were just the catalyst that sparked a bigger idea. The people involved are mostly SQers at first, but we know that it is bigger than that.

AND YES, THIS WAS IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE ABOUT REPRESENTATION. Including all kinds of concepts, ideas, and activism. IT IS NOT ABOUT FORCING THE WRITERS TO DO ANYTHING. I ship and let ship. I just want the writers/creators to do a good show that is believable and entertaining. I don’t care if they put Regina’s Cleavge with Hook’s, well, hook. It’s nothing new and we’re used to it (which I strongly believe to be the worst words a person can say as disappointment is not a good thing to always know is coming)

But what we care about is the lack of positively portrayed people of colour on the show, other shows and in media in general. What we care about is improper portrayals of mental illness and issues of ALL the LGBTQ communities.. What we care about is the often popular tropes of damsels in distress, mental illness as EVIL, and how heteronormativity is excluding a large portion of the viewing audience and its allies. What we care about is how bullying and death threats are a regular norm online and off. What we care about is making it a little easier for those that come after us and choose to continue the fight for equality and inclusiveness.

We have never claimed to want to force Swan Queen in any way to any person. Believe it or not, we are a new generation of Freedom and Equality Fighters. Our agenda (which I don’t think you can call it an agenda anyway) is not nefarious in ANY FORM.

Talk with rather than about. Seek knowledge before claiming first-hand insight and wisdom. Engage rather than speculate. Seek truth before formulating lies and half-truths. Investigate rather than making snap judgments.

Once Upon a Time Commentary - The Stable Boy
↪ The best of Lana Parrilla


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"Don’t let anything hold you back."

"Don’t let anything hold you back."

Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.
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Do you think I’m beautiful? Chapter 6

I took my time, didn’t I? :D 

Anyway, here’s the next chapter of my forgotten Morrilla fic. I hope you like it! :)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5


“And where are we going to?” Jen yelled behind her.

“I have no idea yet.  But don’t be late!”

How typical of her, Jen thought grinning and went to change her clothes.

Jen wore her jean shorts and a simple tank top, something she learned from her character. She loved dressing nicely and wearing dresses and all the fancy things but sometimes she enjoyed just being comfortable, especially in summer.

She was sitting in the hall, browsing through some magazine, when Lana came in. More like she danced in.

“You are going to need this and also some big sunglasses. You have some?” Lana was holding two summer hats, she handed one of them to Jen.

“I have just this one. Why do I need a summer hat and big sunglasses?” Jen put the magazine on the table and was looking a bit confused at Lana.

“Because… we’re going to a fairground and I don’t want anyone to disturb us.”  She sat on the other chair next to Jen and looked at her a little bit embarrassed.

“I mean, I love my fans and I always love exchanging few words with them, but I would like just to enjoy a fun day with you… Is it that bad?”

Jen smiled at her, full of understanding and put the hat on her head.

“No. Not at all. Come on, let’s go,” Jen got up from her chair and took Lana’s hand, pulling her up. She didn’t let the hand go until they came to the door. Lana wasn’t sure if Jen knew she was still holding her hand, but she didn’t mind. She smiled happily and let Jen lead the way to the door.

They took Lana’s car and went to the park. There was some festival going on. As they got there, they got hit by the smell of all different food. There were hot dogs, pancakes, cotton candy, different nuts and all kind of things.

They were standing at the entrance, looking around, amazed by all the things and carousels and roller coasters.

“Wow. I haven’t done anything like this in ages! Can we do everything?” Jen was very excited and was almost jumping like a child.

“But of course! That’s why we are here! I also want to eat everything they have here.” Lana got even more excited when she saw Jen’s enthusiasm.

“Great. We should better start right now,” and with that Jen was pulling Lana to the first kiosk.

They ordered the cotton candy and were waiting in silence.  The girl who was making it seemed young, apparently doing her summer job. She was constantly looking at them. Both of them noticed that and tugged their hats more over their eyes, not looking up.

“I’m sorry, but you seem quite familiar to me, do we know each other?” She asked as she was giving them the cotton candy.

“No, we’ve never been to this area before, sorry,” Jen mumbled that while taking the two pink cotton candies and Lana paid for it quickly.

“Well, let’s hope this was the first and last one who recognized us…” Jen didn’t seem very happy that they were almost revealed.

“Yeah… maybe we shouldn’t talk to anyone, just show what we want.” Lana suggested as she stack a big piece of the candy into her mouth.

“Or maybe you could speak Spanish,” Jen smirked at Lana.

“No way!”

“Yeah, that’s right, they would recognize your sexy voice anyway.”

“What do you mean?” Lana looked shocked but also amused and a little bit pleased.

“I mean…just listen to yourself sometimes, the way you talk when you give some interview, it’s not talking, you purr like a cat…”

“What?” Lana just stopped on place, looking at Jen unbelievably.

“What? Nothing. I’m not saying anything anymore, you said we shouldn’t talk.” Jen turned around because she didn’t want Lana to see her completely red face.

“That’s right, stop talking,” and with that, Lana put a big piece of that cotton candy into Jen’s mouth.

“Wh-“ Jen opened her mouth in surprise so Lana was able to stuck her fingers into Jen’s mouth. When she was pulling her fingers out, she felt Jen’s tongue on her fingers. She wasn’t sure if it was on purpose but the touch went through her whole body and she just smirked.

They spent the whole day there, trying out everything possible but more importantly, having fun doing all this together. Every time they opened their mouths, they were only teasing each other, smirking and giggling.

“Hey! Stop it!” Jen cried out laughing when Lana poked her into her waist with her elbow.  They were just sitting on a bank, resting for a while in the sun.

“Why?” Lana was laughing and poked Jen once again.

“Because it’s not funny!”

“It is. It’s fun for me,” and with that Lana just started tickling Jen. They were both laughing; Jen was trying to move out of Lana’s reach. At least she was pretending to otherwise it would be no fun.

“Stop! Stop! Stop, my stomach hurts from all the laughing!” Jen was out of her breath, catching Lana’s hands on her waist.

Lana looked up at Jen and for two seconds they were looking into each other’s eyes just centimetres apart, with Lana’s hands covered with Jen’s still on her waist.

The mood between them changed a little bit, the moment became more serious, the laughing stopped.

“Okay,” Lana said softly and pulled her hands back. She said back properly and put her head on Jen’s shoulder. “I’m so glad it’s not weird between us.”

“Yeah, me too.” Jen smiled and rested her head on Lana’s, closing her eyes and facing the sun.

In that moment, they were both happy, not caring about the reason, not caring about their feelings or about other people.

And without thinking, Jen took Lana’s hand which was resting next to hers. Lana squeezed Jen’s and they were sitting there, enjoying the sun.

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In which Charming can’t enjoy his refreshments:


3x05: Charming, if you drink this water you can never leave Neverland.

3x14: Charming, go ahead, drink your tea. *evil laughter* Have fun hallucinating.

3x18: Charming, don’t drink it! It’s poison to open the vortex!



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